Company Profile

Founded in 2002 in Montreal, Canada, PH Windsolutions Inc. is a leading supplier of mould turning solutions for the wind turbine industry, and is a growing supplier to the transportation and aerospace industries. The introduction of the PowerHinge, a powerful hydraulic hinge system, revolutionized the manufacturing process for wind turbine blades.

PH Windsolutions Inc. has expanded its product offerings to address every aspect of the wind turbine blade manufacturing process, including mould alignment and clamping systems, heating system for composite curing, automated mould travel systems, Shear Web alignment and clamping systems, and custom integration of its offerings with existing factory robotics.

Serving manufacturers worldwide, PH Windsolutions Inc. has adapted its systems for customers in the transportation industry and is constantly evolving and adapting its technology for other industrial applications.

From its campus in Montreal, Canada, PH Windsolutions Inc. emphasizes original research and design, with a staff of engineers, designers, and technicians developing cutting-edge mechanical technology.

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